Yanika REVIEW | Pet Cleaning Solution As Seen On TV

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What is Yanika?

It claims to be a natural pet cleaner that helps in cleaning pet paws, fur, sanitizes the home and pet areas, and also moisturize their fur. It comes with 100% natural, vegan ingredients to ensure safety for the pets.



Effective Pet Cleaner – Yanika claims to be a powerful, all-natural pet cleaner that ensures that pet doesn’t get bacteria and other dirt in the house after a walk outdoors. Allegedly, it can be sprayed over them and rubbed using a microfiber cloth onto their paws and fur to cleanse and sanitize them. At this point in time, there are no Yanika reviews available that will corroborate with its claims.

Versatile Cleaner – Yanika promises to be perfect for not just eliminating pet germs and odors but also is perfect for sanitizing and disinfecting the areas of the home where pets have access. This includes their toys, litter box, beds, etc. Such fanciful claims will be verified once it is reviewed. Yanika assures that its 100% natural formula comes with moisturizing elements such as lavender, coconut, and aloe vera. Also, it guarantees to not have any alcohol and is paraben-free. Additional Veterinarian approval makes it a must-buy, user reviews will further affirm its claims.

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