Zike Bike REVIEW

What is Zike Bike?

As per the TV infomercial it is a unique hybrid toy that combines a bike and scooter for never-ending outdoor action.



Scooter cum bike

Zike Bike alleges to be a uniquely designed bike that takes the look and feel of a scooter but brings the speed of a bike. Zike Bike states to have a turbo-propulsion system that requires left and right stepping like a bike to ride. It has extra-wide paddle sized pedals to ensure proper footing and maximum thrust. At this point of time there are no Zike Bike reviews available to attest its claims.


Get on road

Zike Bike guarantees to have precision handling with its smart design and can even provide with a range of tricks and spins. The hybrid air tires of Zike Bike also state to be great for off-road action so one can ride it in parks and unpaved trails. User reviews will let us know more. Zike Bike asserts to have an adjustable handle and a foldable design for easy transport. Each models of Zike Bike, Flyby, Slingshot and Saber maintains to have dual-disk hand brakes to help control it well. We will need to analyze Zike Bike reviews to know if it’s any good as it claims.


Zike Bike Review

Here are excerpts from Zike Bike Reviews:

“For a height of 5’10” and weight of 123 pounds, the Zike Bike is not tall enough. The Zike Bike is precarious to balance on in the bent over position, and extremely heavy too.”

“The Zike Bike is simply Chinese junk that lasted 3 1/2 weeks with a weight of only 100 lb. The power train stripped with using it only 2 days a week.”

“When the Zike Bike arrived it was missing the cover for the handlebar stem and with a totally flat front tire. Had to remove the tire and take it in to have it replaced but the stem is still an open pipe. It was also very difficult to get the front tire back on after it was inflated. The Zike Bike is truly a pain.”

“The Zike Bike is fun to ride but it takes some time to get used to it.”

“The Zike Bike is not recommended since you cannot ride it or get it adjusted to your size even after paying almost $100 for assembly because of the flat tire, the Zike Bike is not worth the almost $500 it cost with assembly.”

“The Zike Bike is not easy to ride! Balance is key, there is nowhere to add the training wheels.”

“The Zike Bike is made well but it is hard to enjoy when you have the smallest hills. It just doesn’t seem to have the right amount of gears on the bike. Even when riding downhill there is not a gear low enough to make any impact on your speed. So it’s a problem going uphill and downhill. After purchasing the Zike Bike it does appear there is a more expensive model with more gears. Not sure if that remedies the issues with hills.”

“Tried the Zike Bike a hundred times, up and down the street it is alright, but going any distance on any hills it is very difficult.”

“The Zike Bike is not recommended even to kids. It is hard to pedal and keep up right.”

“It is very limited on the height that you can adjust to. Hard to get started but once you figure it out it is okay.”

“The Zike Bike should not be marketed to adults. It’s too small for an adult. For a height of 5ft 4inches you will have to spend another 60 dollars to have the handlebars raised and brake cables adjusted.”

“If you are a tall person, then you will need to increase the handle bar of the Zike Bike with couple attachments. The bike shop will do it for you. The Zike Bike is not recommended unless you are willing to expend another $60 more.”

“Balance is key and acceleration, the Zike Bike is not easy to ride. Not sure about the top speed of this bike.”

“If you are 5’2″, you will be able to ride the Zike Bike just fine. With that height the handlebars are at the highest level, so you will be able to find a setting in the middle or at the lowest setting that will work fine. You are going to have a blast riding the Zike Bike. It will definitely give you a great workout!”

The Zike Bike does pedal like a bike or a stair master.

The company website has all the particulars related to the weight and height limit for this bike. With a height of 5’10” 180 lbs there are no issues with the Zike Bike. The Zike Bike is a great sturdy and fun bike to ride!

“The Zike Bike has only two wheels.”

“If you suffer from bad knees, the Zike Bike would work your knees. The Zike Bike is hard on the knees and the lower back.”

“The Zike Bike is suitable for both children and adults.”

“The Zike Bike can be compared to the Elliptigo. The difference is that the elliptical motion is happening at front instead the back like the Elliptigo.”

“The front wheels of the Zike Bike are approximately 20 inches tall.”

“The Zike Bike is really heavy so if you are looking for a bike rack for a hatchback you may not be able to get the bike up on your car.”


Official Website:getzike.com

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