Zip Sealer REVIEW | Zip Lock Sealer Bag As Seen On TV

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What is Zip Sealer?

It claims to be a unique kitchen tool that can be used to seal zipper-lock bags easily with the assurance that the bag will have an airtight and watertight seal.


Zip Sealer CLAIMS

Zip-lock easily – As the name suggests, Zip Sealer proclaims to be a zipper-lock bag sealing tool that ensures that the contents of the bag stay secure and sealed perfectly well. All one needs to do it grip the top of the bag with Zip Sealer and close it in one swipe. Such easy mechanism does make it an attractive kitchen tool but there are no reviews available yet that will validate its claims.

Zip Sealer Features – Zip Sealer states to have two rollers that make it easy to seal with minimal pressure, making it an ideal tool for people with arthritis. Its design is also allegedly perfect to hold in the hands and seal any sized bag. More shall be revealed once it is reviewed. Zip Sealer convinces to be handy since it is bright red for easy spotting and has a magnet too for affixing it to a refrigerator. And if it gets dirty, it maintains to have a dishwasher-safe body. Did you find it useful? Send us your reviews.

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