What is ZippZapp?

ZippZapp claims to be an universal sealer that seals any plastic bag quickly. Applicable for use on bags of all sizes it also promises to keep food fresh be it corn flakes, chips or stakes fresh. ZippZapp states to come with micro-thermal technology that proclaims to give air and water tight seals. The claims seems to be too far-fetched, will be confirmed only after ZippZapp is reviewed.




It emphasizes to be user friendly one just has to position ZippZapp on the opening of the plastic bag and swipe across while squeezing it closed. In a matter of seconds it guarantees to give a perfect seal. The opposite side of ZippZapp alleges to consist of an express opener that maintains ease in opening the seal. Similar to the seal function it asserts one just has to squeeze and swipe along to get the bag open. Does it sound like it too good to be true? ZippZapp reviews will soon reveal the facts.

ZippZapp convinces its compact size makes it convenient to use. It declares that the magnetic and adhesive mount ensures ease in storage one can have it placed as per comfort. At this point of time there are no ZippZapp reviews to verify this claim.


ZippZapp Review

Nora Perry, a ZippZapp customer says in her review that the device simply doesn’t work. It worked for about 2 days before it stopped functioning completely.

Another customer Joy Hawkins asserts in her ZippZapp review that the device is good enough for small jobs but can’t seal bigger bags. She warns in her ZippZapp review that it is not as easy to use as shown in the commercial. Trying it will result in snag on the bag. A benefit she asserts about ZippZapp in her review is its magnetic ability. It can be stuck to the fridge for easy access.

One ZippZapp customer Kara Thompson states in her review that it fails to work after a couple of weeks. It started causing sharp and thin lines which can cut the package instead of sealing it. She further claims in her ZippZapp review that the quality of the device is poor and smells horrible while sealing.

A customer named Tasha Weaver writes in her ZippZapp review that the tool is not effective. She disappointingly says that the seal is as small as a staple and gets way too hot to handle. According to her review, ZippZapp burns and melts the plastic instead of sealing it.

One other ZippZapp user Jaime Lane reveals in her review that it has a cheap plastic build and its battery compartment doesn’t stay closed. Her review also complains that ZippZapp doesn’t seal as it promises to and burns right through the plastic if not timed well.

Ana Blair shows disappointment in her ZippZapp review. As per her, the tool seals in a spotty fashion and has a very small seal size. Additionally her review asserts that ZippZapp is so flimsily built that it is a completely waste of money and suggests trying other tools in the market.


ZippZapp Questions and Answers

Q. How long does ZippZapp to heat up before it can be used for sealing a bag?
A. It will take anywhere between 3 to 5 seconds depending on the thickness of the plastic bag. Ensure that you don’t hold too long as it can cut the bag.

Q. Can ZippZapp seal plastic bags?
A. It can make seals that are the size of a staple. For bigger bags one will have to keep making multiple seals similar to numerous staples applied in a row. This method can be tedious and also time consuming.

Q. Does it have to heat up after putting batteries inside it?
A. ZippZapp passes electrical current that performs the melting. This means it doesn’t heat up but will create the seal once the plastic is ran through its plates.

Q. Will ZippZapp work to seal shrink wrap bags?
A. Yes.

Q. How wide a seal is created using ZippZapp? Does it go to a ½ to 1” width?
A. No, it makes a very thin line.

Q. Does ZippZapp have replaceable parts?
A. No.

Q. How can ZippZapp be turned off?
A. Simply press the button provided.


What do I get?
ZippZapp for just $12.99 plus $4.99 P&H at the Official Website: |

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